The Brainfingers System

Who can Use Brainfingers

Brainfingers is designed to be used by a broad range of people with disabilities; from minor to severe. Even users with minimal ability to control facial muscles can usually learn how to map "clicks" to a number of special controls. CP, ALS, MD, MS, TBI and persons with Spinal Cord Injury are just some of the people that can use the Brainfingers system.

About Brainfingers

The Brainfingers Solution allows you, regardless of physical condition, to control and communicate through your computer completely hands-free. It is a sophisticated integration of hardware and software providing a communications link between people and machines. It is easy and fun to use. Just put on the headband, plug it into your computer and let your Brainfingers control your computer and other electrical devices.

By controlling the computerís mouse-cursor and computer keyboard-keys, Brainfingers can be used to control virtually all aspects of a computer. You can navigate any Windows application such as AAC software, web browsers, business and productivity software, educational software, and video games. Brainfingers can also activate peripheral devices, adjust environmental controls, and affect feedback displays. Just about any application that can be controlled with a mouse can be controlled with Brainfingers.

Using Neural Impulses as Brainfingers

When we smile, move our eyes, breathe, think or do anything the neurons of our body (including our brain) will be part of this process. These neurons will generate electrical neural impulses. An individual neural impulse is quite small, however many impulses (millions) can occur at the same time. These simultaneous occurrences will interact to create electrical patterns at your forehead which can be detected by the Brainfingers system.

Within the brainfingers software these ever changing patterns are separated into specific frequency bands which we have named brainfingers. Thus each brainfinger is an indication of the amount of electricity in it's frequency band. For each brainfinger the signal goes from small to big. If you go to the View Brainfingers window in the software, you can watch and experience how the heights of the eight brainfingers change over time. As you observe these changing heights you may become aware of correlations between observed brainfinger changes and changes within your brain and body.

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